ATM Solutions

Having an ATM is an excellent way to increase customer traffic. Businesses with ATMs have improved customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty and studies show that 25% of withdrawals are spent at the ATM location! Harbortouch ATM provides you with the perfect ATM to suit your needs.

Generate Dollars a Month in Additional Revenue!
Our experienced team of ATM specialists can qualify your business for an ATM in less than 24 hours. Our ATM team provides unparalleled support and can have an ATM delivered and installed on-site in as little as one week.

  • Free installation
  • Award winning customer service
  • Online account management
  • No transaction fees

ATM Lease Package

Leasing an ATM will enable you to set the surcharge amount and earn 100% of the surcharge fee which will cover the monthly cost of the ATM while still generating an additional revenue stream. Our ATMs will provide you with the opportunity to lease a reliable contemporary ATM for an unbeatable price!

Vault Cash Services

Ensuring that ATMs are stocked with cash can be a daunting task but ATMs can eliminate this hassle with our in-house vault cash solution. Our reporting and forecasting system will ensure that your ATM is replenished regularly by our armored carrier service.

Improve Your Sales with an ATM

Equipping your business with an ATM will generate an additional revenue stream and create a risk-free form of payment: CASH! Eliminate the hassle of providing cash-back, avoid paying debit fees and earn a surcharge on every transaction instead . Contact us today and add the benefits of having an ATM machine at your location.


Looking for more local service?Our local services cover Fargo, Grand Forks, Sioux Falls and the Detroit Lakes Area

We have options

We provide and install our ATM with a small share of revenues for your space.  If you looking to buy your own ATM, we can help with that too.

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Professional Service

We provide timely service when we fill out ATMs.  Our automated notification system ensures we know when your inventory is low.

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State of the Art

All of our equipment is Compliant and Secure.  We can offer ATM signage and Digital Advertising Toppers to maximize revenue.

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ATM Cash Flows

range of ATM areas

Fuel Stations
Retail Stores
Restaurants & Bars
Event Centers

Move as fast as life does!