Payment Gateway


Our gateway is built to meet the demands of merchants with specific or unique processing needs. Click here for a general overview of what a Payment Gateway does. For only $25/month plus $0.10 per transaction, all accounts include:

  • Virtual terminal for Credit Card and ACH processing
  • Email Invoicing
  • Recurring Billing
  • Export to QuickBooks
  • Product/Inventory Manager
  • Level 2 processing built-in, Level 3 for $30 more
  • “QuickClick” checkout for easy website integration
  • iSpy Fraud Detection
  • … and more!
Ingenico iSC250 Payment Terminal
The EMV-Capable Encrypted USB Smart Terminal w/ Signature Capture enables reliable and secure retail and EMV payments. Let your merchants achieve card-present rates, increase security, and take advantage of the EMV liability shift by converting a merchant’s Windows desktop computer into an EMV-Capable POS terminal, complete with signature capture. This encrypted terminal works in conjunction with the SwIPe software.
Encrypted Device Service Required

Supported Processors for EMV: TSYS (Vital)
Supported Operating Systems:, Microsoft Windows 7TM, Microsoft Windows 8.1TM, Microsoft Windows 10TM

Encrypted USB Keypad-Card Reader
For use with both SwIPe software and PC based browsers. This combination unit includes a full encrypted card reader and encrypted keypad, eliminating transmission of sensitive payment information from a merchant’s environment.
Encrypted Devices Service Required

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7TM, Microsoft Windows 8TM, Microsoft Windows 8.1TM, Microsoft Windows 10TM

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Axial Consulting really helped us achieve our financial goals. They reduced our processing fees by thousands of dollars per year allowing us to reinvest those dollars.

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Ingenico Terminal

What’s Included?

Axial Consulting gateway technology to allow your business to access the tools you need. Check out our handy Gateway Comparison chart here, to see how our stacks up against See the below chart for what’s included with our gateway, and what additional features you can purchase:

Fee Type Axial Consulting
Setup Fee $49.95
Monthly Fee $25/month
Per-Transaction Fee $0.10/transaction
Automatic Recurring Billing Included!
Virtual Terminal Included!
Inventory Manager Included!
Quick-Click Button Generator Included!
Multi-MID support Included!
Open API for shopping-cart integration Included!
Detailed Reporting Included!
Export to Quickbooks Included!
iSpy Fraud Tools Included!
Electronic Invoicing $0.15/invoice (in addition to per-transaction fee)
QuickBooks SyncPay $25/month
ACH Processing $25/month, $0.35/transaction
Verified-by-Visa / MC SecureCode $10/month, $0.10/transaction
Level 3 Processing $30/month
Customer Vault $25/month
Mobile Processing $5/month, $129/card reader
USB Swiping No monthly fees, $149/card reader

Virtual Terminal


Easily accept phone-orders and ACH payments through a Virtual Terminal. Customize what fields are required for your users, input detailed line-item information for each order, and capture all required credit card information.

Inventory Manager


Our gateway allows you to quickly create products with associated prices, discounts, tax rates, and product categories. Then, when running a sale or creating an invoice, all of your products will appear as drop-down options for easy order creation.

Customer Vault


Securely store your customer’s sensitive credit card data, directly on our servers, with true payment tokenization. Once you have your customer’s data, you can easily create recurring payments, send an invoice, or report upon that customer’s previous payments – without sacrificing data security.

Recurring Billing


“Set it and Forget it.” With Axial Consulting, you can create recurring payment schedules like “charge $50 on the first day of the month.” Easily select a payment schedule for one of your customers, and rest assured that you’ll get paid – no further action required.

Mobile Processing


Easily take payments on the go with the our mobile application and swiping device. With the iProcess application made for Apple and Android devices, you can accept credit and debit card payments on your phone or tablet, no matter what their location. Optional card readers are $129, and connect to the headphone port of your device. Mobile processing carries an additional $5/month per device fee.

Integrated Swiping


Easily swipe payments cards your our gateway for no additional monthly or transaction fees. For $129 you can purchase a USB-connected swiping device, so that any in-person payments can flow directly through your our gateway. If you need EMV (chip card) capability, the swiper is $149. Please be sure to let a sales associate know if you need EMV (chip card) acceptance, as it requires a specific network to be utilized.

Detailed Reporting


Make it easy to report back on your transactions. Easily create excel reports with all transactional data within seconds. You’re able to filter on practically any value – date range, transaction type, amount, or even based on custom pre-defined fields that you’ve created.

ACH Processing


We make it easy to accept ACH payments through the same portal as your credit card acceptance. You can even send invoice requests to your customers which will allow them to pay via credit card or ACH. With ACH acceptance, you can take payments from your customers with lower fees than a typical credit card transaction.

Export to QuickBooks


All Axial accounts include the ability to quickly and easily download your transactions into a Quickbooks-readable file (or .iif file). Use our handy export-tool that readies your data. Simply input the date range of the transactions you want to export, click a button, and your .iif file is generated instantly for import to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks SyncPay


After downloading a small program to your computer, SyncPay will link with your desktop QuickBooks software (sorry, no QuickBooks Cloud support!) so that you can process payments from directly within QuickBooks, which will funnel through your Axial gateway.

Pay Button Generator


Our gateway allows you to quickly create products with associated prices, discounts, tax rates, and product categories. Then, when running a sale or creating an invoice, all of your products will appear as drop-down options for easy order creation.

Invoice sample

Email Invoicing

With Axial, you can quickly and easily send requests for payment to your customers, for the fastest possible turnaround. The process streamlined and simple, and allows for the following features:

  • Upload your company’s logo, and all sent invoices will have your logo on them.
  • Automatically generate an invoice, that’s included in your Invoice email to your customer. Invoices include line-item details of what they purchased.
  • Your customer will receive an email with a “Click to Pay” link, where they can pay via credit card or ACH.
  • Payment pages are hosted, so you don’t have to worry about an SSL certificate or keeping sensitive credit card data on your servers.

Once your customer pays the invoice, you’ll automatically receive an email informing you of the payment, no further action required. This means you get paid more quickly, and with less effort.

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