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We live in the world of data now; data allows us to make realistic decisions about the future.

Today’s consumer is sophisticated, tech-savvy and almost completely immune to the brash lure of traditional marketing techniques. Social media marketing has impressive potential to make a powerful impact on the way your clients connect with your company. Providing useful, industry-related information and sharing your company’s story is a way to establish genuine relationships with your customers. A brand that succeeds in relationship-building stands to enjoy customer retention after the purchase is complete and into the next buying cycle. Going forward, a company that is able to establish a lasting connection with their consumer base will find that they are more apt to trust that the products provided are premium quality and relevant to their lifestyle.

Social media is not a static marketing service. In a world where thoughts are limited to 140-character tweets and filtered photos rule, your social media campaign must be flexible and adaptable. Social media marketing is always changing, and as a result, companies are adapting with it. Because of this, Axial Consulting, LLC offers a variety of social media services that enable us to tailor a plan for maximum brand enhancement.

Axial Consulting – we help companies increase presence and on social media platforms to push messaging and advertising to right audience.

With approximately 750,000,000 unique monthly visitors, Facebook has continued to dominate the social media sphere. After emerging as a social media platform, Facebook has begun to have an impressive impact on business and on the way we perform online marketing. Facebook marketing presents our partner businesses with unprecedented opportunity for customer engagement. Facebook is not just powerful from a numbers standpoint, though. Its influence exceeds the sheer quantity of its members.

Share Your Story

Facebook acts as the public face of your company. What makes Facebook business pages so vital to your success? Your business page can enable you share everything from directions to your company store, important business information like your hours of operation, and posts and pictures specifically designed to generate a consumer response and boost sales.

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

When utilized to its fullest potential, this compilation of personal and useful information enables your business to craft a truly unique brand that sets itself apart from the competition. The key to your success on Facebook? Share things that interest real humans. After all, your business is comprised of real people. Once you spark interest, keep the conversation going with other useful information and fun posts.

Want to position your business as an industry authority? Twitter can help put your business – big or small – on the map. Because of Twitter’s topical nature and hashtag-search feature, almost anyone can get discovered. The goal with Twitter marketing is to maintain an exponentially growing following so you can create a mediated information-sharing environment and repertoire. With 250,000 unique monthly visitors, your potential to get noticed on Twitter is huge.

Become an Industry Expert

Although Twitter limits your tweets — social-media speak for messages — to 140 characters, you can still have a big impact on this social media community. By applying the right hashtags, links, and focus, it’s easy to establish an effective online presence in no time. In addition, you can keep up on the latest industry trends and news, continuing your business education just by filtering with the right hashtags.

Tailored Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing has impressive potential as a tool to help keep your brand top of mind with your consumer base. Digital Technologies offers an array of optimization bundles, so you are sure to find a package that will help your business flourish.

Being that they’re one of the most influential companies in internet history, it’s no surprise that Google has made their social media platform, Google+, a valuable asset to all those that use it. At Digital Technologies, we want to help you take advantage of this incredible social media engagement tool.

More Powerful than You Realize

After its launch in 2009, Google+ seemed to fall flat pretty quickly. It lost its luster and users went right back to Facebook. However, the almighty Google ensured that its platform would not become obsolete by including a number of special features.

“Shares” and “+1s” Matter

More than just an ego booster, shares and +1s of your posts on Google+ can actually affect what searchers see in their Google results. The more shares and +1s, the more highly recommended your post is perceived as being.

Posts are Indexed Immediately

As an effective reward for using their social media platform, Google will index your post right away, so those in your network can see it in their search engine result immediately.

Local Pages Rank

Our coordinators complete and verify your information for Google to index into its system. Once this is complete, our social media team can go in and engage with your customers, helping you increase in ranking even further.

In an age where social networking dictates success, maintaining a strong presence on LinkedIn is of the utmost importance. LinkedIn is the preeminent business networking site with ever-increasing potential to help you make business to business connections. With approximately 227 million registered users, the potential for growth is almost limitless. Whether you need to list a job posting for like-minded business professionals or you want to build lasting, mutually beneficial B2B partnerships, we can help.

The Advantages of LinkedIn Marketing

Used properly, LinkedIn allows you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. When you partner with Digital Technologies our social media experts can help you position your business at the forefront of your target audience. In addition to making invaluable B2B connections, LinkedIn is an indispensable tool that enables your business to stay up to date on trending industry news, which helps you tailor your services and marketing efforts to your target audience. Simply put: If your business plans to have a social media presence, it should have a strong presence on LinkedIn.

Take advantage of the vast visual storytelling potential of Pinterest marketing. Unlike other photo-driven social media platforms, Pinterest allows users to create various “boards” that serve as a way to categorize and display their image archive. The creation of different bulletin board-inspired repositories is a simple way for you business to illustrate your vision, further enhancing your online presence. What makes Pinterest such a valuable tool is the fact that you have the ability to create as many boards as you want, clearly outlining the images and ideas that matter most to your company in an inspirational and visually exciting way.

Crafting a Strong Brand, One Pin at a Time

Much of your business’s success online is attributed to your ability to create a brand that is just as strong online as it is offline. Pinterest lets you take full control of the images that tell the story of your brand, allowing you to shape the all-important visuals that your clients associate with your company.

Project Samples

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Reaching Your Target Market

Most online marketers are quick to share the importance of maintaining a Facebook presence for your business. What they don’t tell you, though, is that updates to Facebook’s algorithm have drastically changed how you can reach customers on the platform, effectively rendering organic reach dead.

This doesn’t mean Facebook isn’t the place to be, though. Quite the opposite, actually: Facebook’s paid model provides a unique opportunity to get your business’ name in front of the right eyes — at a low cost. One study found that 70% of Facebook ads had an ROI of 3x or better; 50% had an ROI of 5x. . With the right Facebook advertising experts (ahem…), you can collect leads, keep your brand top of mind, and affect off-site purchasing behavior.

Whether you want Facebook community management or Google + training, Digital Technologies has the perfect social media package that will maximize brand awareness and your ROI. And if you don’t have time for the day-to-day nuances of social media, leave the management to our marketing mavericks.

Design & Demographics

We’re aficionados when it comes to Facebook ads. We know the ins and outs of the platform’s sophisticated demographic targeting capabilities, so we can pinpoint people by location (down to a 1 mile geographic radius), income bracket, age group, socioeconomic status, household composition, job title, interests, and much, much more. Based on your goals, products, and services, we’ll develop a strategy to best leverage Facebook’s options so that our ads reach your target market(s).

Beyond strategy, we excel in ad creative. We combine demographic targeting with compelling copy and striking design to make your Facebook ads stand out and convert. All creative is developed with your customer persona in mind.

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